Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Shopping

Last night, two crazy animals were let loose at a mall in Alabang. Creatures were heard to be armed with loot and poised with a strong desire to overspend. Tsk tsk.

Yes well to lay that out, I basically just went to the mall with the BFF and spent garrulously on the "unessentials". By Unessentials, I meant, those things you can live without. But heck, I made this journal entry to talk about my shopping spree!

So now its time to break down the bare unessentials!

1) Miracle Thaw
Yes, I got an odd plate where you can defrost your frozen meat and poultry within a few minutes time. I thought its pretty cool. I hate having to defrost food over the microwave or waiting for hours just to get the meat nice and moist. This is perfect! Oh yeah, I tried it with ice last night. It works!

2) 2-in-1 Eye Shadow Pencil with Black Liquid Eye Liner
Wipee! Some eye "pretty"-ing tools! (Haha!)

3) Vintage Telephone
Yes, I like vintage stuff. So now I have a vintage looking telephone for my desk. It rings soooo loud... and it lights up too!

4) Yellow long sleeved top
There's this isolated clothes store at the back part of the mall, and I've never been in it for the years and years I've hung around that place! It's called Magarbo. And its pretty darn cool in there. Stuff are incredibly cheap.

5) 3pcs Shorts
Seriously I can never get enough shorty-shorts.

There's about 5 more other unessentials but I find that these are the ones I'm most satisfied with. Plus the rest are gifts so I'll just elaborate on those maybe when I get to hand them over for the holidays.

Happy Garrulous Spending to everyone! Mwah!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Room Revamped

Here is a before and after look of my bedroom! This was my brother's old room, and ever since I got my very own home theatre, I've just been dying just to get the place fixed. Everything except the floor tiles has been painted and I had the old shutter curtains and cabinet knobs taken out. I kept the old cabinets and my old bed frame plus added some shelves at my bedside. The rest are new. Mom got me this lovely recliner and I love her for that!

I'm trying to keep it organized and that part I'm still very much working on. If you look closely at the photo below, I left my food plate at the table. I should take that out later. Hehe.

This is my favorite place to hang in the house now but probably next to my "work station", where I am most of the time during the day. I know how important it is now to have your very own "calm" room where you can just rest and have that relaxation time for yourself. You feel better knowing where your belongings are and the less frustrated you get when you're on about your daily routines.

Haha I'm less flustered hurrying up doin things now. Lets just hope I keep up the cleanliness and "well-being" of this new sanctuary.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Holidays!

We're giving away four cameras with films! Just post a link of your favorite lomo photo that you've personally taken and explain why you love that photo. We'll be selecting four people to receive cameras. Happy Holidays, everyone! =)

Underwater Camera 35mm
Pink Plush Camera 35mm

Deadline: December 20


December has been really lovely so far! I'm just surprisingly happy with the sudden change of events despite of the turmoil I've encountered recently. I decided to move on as quickly as possible and make a fresh start. That's only natural, isn't it? Just get back on the saddle and trut-trut along. =)

2010 has been a blast, and I'm thankful for the tons and tons of blessings. I am hoping to give something in return. So maybe in a week or two, I'll be doing some charity work with my friends and just help out.

I'm giving away some fun cameras, too. That should make some people really happy this holiday season.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Monday, November 29, 2010


A lot of strong positive energy coming into my month and I'm just trying to nourish myself with it by humbly giving it back to the world. All 25 years of my life I just thought I'd go about it and just have this "Come What May" attitude and an idea like bringing positivity was just something silly to me. I thought giving effort to this sort of thing is rather exhausting and a plain waste of time. Now I've come to realize that it does really contribute well in ones life as long as you apply it in your everyday life. You apply it everyday as genuinely as possible, and good good things will come to you.

I know 2 people in this world has taught me that. And I'm forever grateful for these beautiful people. They can change the world with their magical approach with people. God bless them always. =)

I'm soooo happy today and I just want to stay like this forever.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Doctors Rule!

Meet the greatest all-lady team in the history of the Amazing Race. Doctors' Kat Chang and Nat Strand of the show's 17th season.

As a pair of anesthesiologists, the first response would be, "Ah they're obviously brainy and fit."... but the show has proven it five times over, especially when exposed of their greatest fears and weaknesses.
Nat has an immense fear of heights and battling type 1 Diabetes and her teammate Kat sacrificed her two-decade vegetarianism just to get ahead of the other teams. As a team they're extremely calm and collected with great survival instincts... I'm sure 7 years of medical practice have taught them all of that. Haha. They never, ever, crack under pressure! I've never seen such response to stress with such positivity and calmness compared to any other players who have come and gone in the Amazing Race. But those would definitely be their best qualities.

Nat and Kat are now one of the Final 4 teams competing for 1 million USD. It'll be the show's very first all-female team to win the race! Watch out!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Skins Novel

I'm probably gonna say that I am the biiiiggest fan of this TV show in our country. I've seen all four series, kept myself updated almost daily with news, bought magazine covers and have completed the soundtrack and episode tracks. I am the ultimate Skins fan. Hehe.

So I've recently got myself a copy of the novel. The fifth series won't be released for another 2 months so I needed the right fix. I'm such a junkie when it comes to this stuff.

It's what I would call "pocket book profanity", this 300 page novel. It's filled with the usual naughtiness that is Skins. No, actually it's over-the-top profanity. But I have been expecting it. This sort of behavior coming from the characters are very relevant to the characters portrayed in the series. Obviously there are "trimmings", meaning that the bad behavior is toned down for television because it will just turn out bland and simply "too dirty" for viewers.

This show is cheeky and immature, no doubt about that. But I can list down about a million things why it must get the right recognition. This won a BAFTA in the U.K. for F's sake. They give freedom for young writers and real people to all collaborate.

Ok so fuck it. I won't elaborate anymore on how brilliant this show is. I just know this isn't anything like I've seen on any local or foreign TV network and it'll make its mark, if not already, today or soon enough.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's All Here For You

Didn't think that a book full of mindless explicit acts caused by teenage hormones would give me something wonderful to think about today. Yes, I got my very own copy of the Skins novel by Ali Cronin!

For the past few years I've believed that in regards to people's actions, there is one straight path and that their behavior towards others go along in that route. Given at this age I've never really encountered or rather, observed actions that involves the slippery slopes or the jagged edges that becomes questionable to one's character. Well, of course I have, but not in the most extreme of scenarios that are completely life-changing. It is a blessing and a curse at the same time. This comes to my detriment since I still end up baffled with most of the basic human behaviors that I encounter in my everyday life as a "normal" person.

I am shocked and I don't have answers for it.

But the book I was reading shed some light on to these ideas. There are sections I've read about ones extreme vulnerability to others, that one is obvious. One can become overdependent. It's the actions they perform to "conceal" that vulnerability is the thing that surprises me the most. Accdg to a fictional character I personally adore, "People do the dumbest things when they pretend they're not trapped."... and now I can see the whole side of this quotation. It is very much true since it is a human instinct to react. But given our highly complicated psychology, we may shoot out an array of insanity... or a discourse of what we expect ourselves to perform, thus, surprising ourselves. I've experienced this for years and have only come to LEARN to digest recently.

I wish I could've learned it waaaay sooner.

Monday, July 5, 2010


I cannot sit still. I just really start craving for adventure, for something really new and exciting. Daily routines are necessary in life, but for me it doesnt have to be everything. Such repetitiveness can easily depress me. I feel like it could be quite the torture to see things the same thing every single day, with no course of change or progress. Instinctively, when such moments occur I turn to seek something new in just about everything. It's like when Kurt Hummel does his warmups for a football match like a chocolate souffle, you dont heat it up and it wont rise.

I am going to start praying and initiate actions that completes this blog entry. I want something new. Something new, damn it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Lately, I've become fond of cooking meals for myself. I've never tried cooking for a week straight, nor have I been to the grocery store so often for a week in my entire existence. For instance, today I dropped by to two grocery stores. One, because I felt like baking. I felt like baking ENGLISH SCONES! Second, because I forgot to get myself a roller for the dough that I was about to make.

Yes, I felt like freakin' baking!

I was excited. Too excited, in fact, that I forgot to get that one most important ingredient.... BAKING POWDER! I got the flour, I got the baking soda... but hell I could not dump the dough in the oven without the powder. I need that powder. I swear I could be a lovesick crackhead if I dont get that powder by tomorrow. I'm dying to bake!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Arid Comedy Weekend

...or shall I say, Arid Dramedy?

That should sum just about right and its been a really fun weekend. An overnight stay at the lovely ForestCove had definitely set me into some good grounds, both in my own piece-of-mind and with the company of good friends. Finished off the weekend with a good friend's Birthday dinner and a terribly arid comedy of a movie that is "KILLERS". Ashton Kutcher's perfectly sculpted self just isn't enough!!!!

This trip with my high school buddies has reminded me well about how I used to be when I was, and who I am really today. There's really no 'putting-a-stop' to all that is happening in our lives.... I simply realized we are GROWING UP, and we all still have one another. =)

Monday, May 31, 2010

My First Marathon

Its impossible to stretch out for miles with your breathing bein' rattled and your legs giving in. Its impossible to say that you are not moved amidst all the heavy anticipation and training for a long run. That Adidas quote nailed it right on, Impossible is indeed nothing. I can run for miles and miles and I am just so determined regardless of the pain from the long stretch. So there, I did it anyway... and its the best high I've ever felt in months, or probably years. =)

Yesterday, I ranked number 726 out of 3,501 runners during the 5K charity run. And I will do even better. Much better. =)

Rank 726 00:35:05
Nature Valley Run Leg 2
5K Run
May 30, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Active Lifestyle??? Blech.

Ok so I've been trying to work on my running the past 3 weeks. I'm on the 3rd week level of the Couch-to-5K program. And just last Sunday I've managed to join a bunch of frisbee champs at the big park near us; 3 hours of full on hardcore frisbee tossing. It really comes down to running with Ultimate Frisbee and it is insane. But I swear that trying out the sport (for y'all beginners out there like me), I can guarantee it won't disappoint. You meet new friends, you build up stamina and hopefully lose some of that McDonalds fat you've been stacking up the past week.

I can't really begin phrasing that "the active lifestyle" as some result to quitting a previous vice. Heck I dont even like the "ACTIVE LIFESTYLE" term. It's something I could rap against while thoroughly enjoying a cigarette. 3 weeks into the whole running thing does not actually earn you those two words. I do know that the early morning jogs help me attain stamina by every hundred yards and that inner peace (inside this little tweet mind) that I've been longing for. Good mental health starts with physical health, right?

Oh and yeah, still no film photos so far. I freakin' miss shooting film!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Couch to 5K

I officially begun a little workout program today. The whole running program is called the Couch-to-5K Running program by's Josh Clark. The name itself implies the typical "Couch Potato" and taking that dozy cow out into the road and finishing off 9 weeks with a body fit to run no less than 5K. It will gradually take up those beginners one notch stronger and faster every week. Brilliant, isnt it?

It has made hundreds and thousands of new people running every day. The stories from runners are inspiring and the name alone sells to the lazy market. I myself could not bare to think of doin 3K, let alone 5 to 10 agonizing kilometres! Hopefully in a few weeks of doin the workout, I would get to prove myself wrong. =D

...and I will deffo try to take film photos while I'm at it. A little jogger's photo blog, so to speak.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I borrowed an old 110 Camera with flash. Its a purple Kalimar. The flash could seriously leave you with impaired eyes. Its pretty fun though, 110 borders and strong colors. =)

Honey & Henry

My two favorite dogs in the whole wide world.