Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Shopping

Last night, two crazy animals were let loose at a mall in Alabang. Creatures were heard to be armed with loot and poised with a strong desire to overspend. Tsk tsk.

Yes well to lay that out, I basically just went to the mall with the BFF and spent garrulously on the "unessentials". By Unessentials, I meant, those things you can live without. But heck, I made this journal entry to talk about my shopping spree!

So now its time to break down the bare unessentials!

1) Miracle Thaw
Yes, I got an odd plate where you can defrost your frozen meat and poultry within a few minutes time. I thought its pretty cool. I hate having to defrost food over the microwave or waiting for hours just to get the meat nice and moist. This is perfect! Oh yeah, I tried it with ice last night. It works!

2) 2-in-1 Eye Shadow Pencil with Black Liquid Eye Liner
Wipee! Some eye "pretty"-ing tools! (Haha!)

3) Vintage Telephone
Yes, I like vintage stuff. So now I have a vintage looking telephone for my desk. It rings soooo loud... and it lights up too!

4) Yellow long sleeved top
There's this isolated clothes store at the back part of the mall, and I've never been in it for the years and years I've hung around that place! It's called Magarbo. And its pretty darn cool in there. Stuff are incredibly cheap.

5) 3pcs Shorts
Seriously I can never get enough shorty-shorts.

There's about 5 more other unessentials but I find that these are the ones I'm most satisfied with. Plus the rest are gifts so I'll just elaborate on those maybe when I get to hand them over for the holidays.

Happy Garrulous Spending to everyone! Mwah!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Room Revamped

Here is a before and after look of my bedroom! This was my brother's old room, and ever since I got my very own home theatre, I've just been dying just to get the place fixed. Everything except the floor tiles has been painted and I had the old shutter curtains and cabinet knobs taken out. I kept the old cabinets and my old bed frame plus added some shelves at my bedside. The rest are new. Mom got me this lovely recliner and I love her for that!

I'm trying to keep it organized and that part I'm still very much working on. If you look closely at the photo below, I left my food plate at the table. I should take that out later. Hehe.

This is my favorite place to hang in the house now but probably next to my "work station", where I am most of the time during the day. I know how important it is now to have your very own "calm" room where you can just rest and have that relaxation time for yourself. You feel better knowing where your belongings are and the less frustrated you get when you're on about your daily routines.

Haha I'm less flustered hurrying up doin things now. Lets just hope I keep up the cleanliness and "well-being" of this new sanctuary.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Holidays!

We're giving away four cameras with films! Just post a link of your favorite lomo photo that you've personally taken and explain why you love that photo. We'll be selecting four people to receive cameras. Happy Holidays, everyone! =)

Underwater Camera 35mm
Pink Plush Camera 35mm

Deadline: December 20


December has been really lovely so far! I'm just surprisingly happy with the sudden change of events despite of the turmoil I've encountered recently. I decided to move on as quickly as possible and make a fresh start. That's only natural, isn't it? Just get back on the saddle and trut-trut along. =)

2010 has been a blast, and I'm thankful for the tons and tons of blessings. I am hoping to give something in return. So maybe in a week or two, I'll be doing some charity work with my friends and just help out.

I'm giving away some fun cameras, too. That should make some people really happy this holiday season.

Happy Holidays to everyone!