Friday, December 17, 2010

Room Revamped

Here is a before and after look of my bedroom! This was my brother's old room, and ever since I got my very own home theatre, I've just been dying just to get the place fixed. Everything except the floor tiles has been painted and I had the old shutter curtains and cabinet knobs taken out. I kept the old cabinets and my old bed frame plus added some shelves at my bedside. The rest are new. Mom got me this lovely recliner and I love her for that!

I'm trying to keep it organized and that part I'm still very much working on. If you look closely at the photo below, I left my food plate at the table. I should take that out later. Hehe.

This is my favorite place to hang in the house now but probably next to my "work station", where I am most of the time during the day. I know how important it is now to have your very own "calm" room where you can just rest and have that relaxation time for yourself. You feel better knowing where your belongings are and the less frustrated you get when you're on about your daily routines.

Haha I'm less flustered hurrying up doin things now. Lets just hope I keep up the cleanliness and "well-being" of this new sanctuary.

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