Sunday, July 22, 2012

Something's Coming. Something Good.

I remember preparing for a party one night and I was just not excited for it at all. I may at times have those moods that I just refuse to do anything. But I knew I was definitely not goin' to miss that party. I just don't have the best mood to go. Then I thought to myself, you never know what's gonna happen or who you're going to meet. And that thought alone lit me up.

Immediately what came to my mind was West Side Story's Something's Coming. This song for me is an ultimate reminder that there's always something to look forward to in everyday things. And whenever I do start singing this song before I go out for the night, I end up having a pretty effin' good time. It's one of those little things I want to thank Bernstein and Sondheim for.

 This song serves its purpose every single time. Makes me happy :)