Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's All Here For You

Didn't think that a book full of mindless explicit acts caused by teenage hormones would give me something wonderful to think about today. Yes, I got my very own copy of the Skins novel by Ali Cronin!

For the past few years I've believed that in regards to people's actions, there is one straight path and that their behavior towards others go along in that route. Given at this age I've never really encountered or rather, observed actions that involves the slippery slopes or the jagged edges that becomes questionable to one's character. Well, of course I have, but not in the most extreme of scenarios that are completely life-changing. It is a blessing and a curse at the same time. This comes to my detriment since I still end up baffled with most of the basic human behaviors that I encounter in my everyday life as a "normal" person.

I am shocked and I don't have answers for it.

But the book I was reading shed some light on to these ideas. There are sections I've read about ones extreme vulnerability to others, that one is obvious. One can become overdependent. It's the actions they perform to "conceal" that vulnerability is the thing that surprises me the most. Accdg to a fictional character I personally adore, "People do the dumbest things when they pretend they're not trapped."... and now I can see the whole side of this quotation. It is very much true since it is a human instinct to react. But given our highly complicated psychology, we may shoot out an array of insanity... or a discourse of what we expect ourselves to perform, thus, surprising ourselves. I've experienced this for years and have only come to LEARN to digest recently.

I wish I could've learned it waaaay sooner.

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