Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Active Lifestyle??? Blech.

Ok so I've been trying to work on my running the past 3 weeks. I'm on the 3rd week level of the Couch-to-5K program. And just last Sunday I've managed to join a bunch of frisbee champs at the big park near us; 3 hours of full on hardcore frisbee tossing. It really comes down to running with Ultimate Frisbee and it is insane. But I swear that trying out the sport (for y'all beginners out there like me), I can guarantee it won't disappoint. You meet new friends, you build up stamina and hopefully lose some of that McDonalds fat you've been stacking up the past week.

I can't really begin phrasing that "the active lifestyle" as some result to quitting a previous vice. Heck I dont even like the "ACTIVE LIFESTYLE" term. It's something I could rap against while thoroughly enjoying a cigarette. 3 weeks into the whole running thing does not actually earn you those two words. I do know that the early morning jogs help me attain stamina by every hundred yards and that inner peace (inside this little tweet mind) that I've been longing for. Good mental health starts with physical health, right?

Oh and yeah, still no film photos so far. I freakin' miss shooting film!!!!