Monday, November 29, 2010


A lot of strong positive energy coming into my month and I'm just trying to nourish myself with it by humbly giving it back to the world. All 25 years of my life I just thought I'd go about it and just have this "Come What May" attitude and an idea like bringing positivity was just something silly to me. I thought giving effort to this sort of thing is rather exhausting and a plain waste of time. Now I've come to realize that it does really contribute well in ones life as long as you apply it in your everyday life. You apply it everyday as genuinely as possible, and good good things will come to you.

I know 2 people in this world has taught me that. And I'm forever grateful for these beautiful people. They can change the world with their magical approach with people. God bless them always. =)

I'm soooo happy today and I just want to stay like this forever.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Doctors Rule!

Meet the greatest all-lady team in the history of the Amazing Race. Doctors' Kat Chang and Nat Strand of the show's 17th season.

As a pair of anesthesiologists, the first response would be, "Ah they're obviously brainy and fit."... but the show has proven it five times over, especially when exposed of their greatest fears and weaknesses.
Nat has an immense fear of heights and battling type 1 Diabetes and her teammate Kat sacrificed her two-decade vegetarianism just to get ahead of the other teams. As a team they're extremely calm and collected with great survival instincts... I'm sure 7 years of medical practice have taught them all of that. Haha. They never, ever, crack under pressure! I've never seen such response to stress with such positivity and calmness compared to any other players who have come and gone in the Amazing Race. But those would definitely be their best qualities.

Nat and Kat are now one of the Final 4 teams competing for 1 million USD. It'll be the show's very first all-female team to win the race! Watch out!