Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Shopping

Last night, two crazy animals were let loose at a mall in Alabang. Creatures were heard to be armed with loot and poised with a strong desire to overspend. Tsk tsk.

Yes well to lay that out, I basically just went to the mall with the BFF and spent garrulously on the "unessentials". By Unessentials, I meant, those things you can live without. But heck, I made this journal entry to talk about my shopping spree!

So now its time to break down the bare unessentials!

1) Miracle Thaw
Yes, I got an odd plate where you can defrost your frozen meat and poultry within a few minutes time. I thought its pretty cool. I hate having to defrost food over the microwave or waiting for hours just to get the meat nice and moist. This is perfect! Oh yeah, I tried it with ice last night. It works!

2) 2-in-1 Eye Shadow Pencil with Black Liquid Eye Liner
Wipee! Some eye "pretty"-ing tools! (Haha!)

3) Vintage Telephone
Yes, I like vintage stuff. So now I have a vintage looking telephone for my desk. It rings soooo loud... and it lights up too!

4) Yellow long sleeved top
There's this isolated clothes store at the back part of the mall, and I've never been in it for the years and years I've hung around that place! It's called Magarbo. And its pretty darn cool in there. Stuff are incredibly cheap.

5) 3pcs Shorts
Seriously I can never get enough shorty-shorts.

There's about 5 more other unessentials but I find that these are the ones I'm most satisfied with. Plus the rest are gifts so I'll just elaborate on those maybe when I get to hand them over for the holidays.

Happy Garrulous Spending to everyone! Mwah!

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