Monday, July 5, 2010


I cannot sit still. I just really start craving for adventure, for something really new and exciting. Daily routines are necessary in life, but for me it doesnt have to be everything. Such repetitiveness can easily depress me. I feel like it could be quite the torture to see things the same thing every single day, with no course of change or progress. Instinctively, when such moments occur I turn to seek something new in just about everything. It's like when Kurt Hummel does his warmups for a football match like a chocolate souffle, you dont heat it up and it wont rise.

I am going to start praying and initiate actions that completes this blog entry. I want something new. Something new, damn it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Lately, I've become fond of cooking meals for myself. I've never tried cooking for a week straight, nor have I been to the grocery store so often for a week in my entire existence. For instance, today I dropped by to two grocery stores. One, because I felt like baking. I felt like baking ENGLISH SCONES! Second, because I forgot to get myself a roller for the dough that I was about to make.

Yes, I felt like freakin' baking!

I was excited. Too excited, in fact, that I forgot to get that one most important ingredient.... BAKING POWDER! I got the flour, I got the baking soda... but hell I could not dump the dough in the oven without the powder. I need that powder. I swear I could be a lovesick crackhead if I dont get that powder by tomorrow. I'm dying to bake!!!