Thursday, July 1, 2010


Lately, I've become fond of cooking meals for myself. I've never tried cooking for a week straight, nor have I been to the grocery store so often for a week in my entire existence. For instance, today I dropped by to two grocery stores. One, because I felt like baking. I felt like baking ENGLISH SCONES! Second, because I forgot to get myself a roller for the dough that I was about to make.

Yes, I felt like freakin' baking!

I was excited. Too excited, in fact, that I forgot to get that one most important ingredient.... BAKING POWDER! I got the flour, I got the baking soda... but hell I could not dump the dough in the oven without the powder. I need that powder. I swear I could be a lovesick crackhead if I dont get that powder by tomorrow. I'm dying to bake!!!

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