Saturday, January 8, 2011

You Are What You Eat!

Shopping for groceries can be boring... really, really boring! But apparently it's sheer bliss whenever I'm madly hungry and have the "awesome" recipe in mind. It's all fun choosing your favorite snacks and ingredients and I'm thinking only one thing can possibly ruin the food-hunt... and it's WAITING IN LINE FOR CHECK-OUT!

I have worked my way around the system by going only when it's still early! So naturally, I was hardheaded still and went against the plan. Luckily, there was barely anything to wait on. It was a smooth shop all the way. =)

One of the little things I do to keep myself "entertained" while waiting in line is to subtly look at the person's food selections in front of me. I find it entertaining to see whatever food that person has chosen, and then judge that person from there. (HA!)... just try and see how fun it can be. The person in front of me earlier had the healthiest options (compared to the people I've seen in the past few weeks). She had all the Quaker Oats snack line! I'm not kidding! The rest were fruits and I saw her pop a salad dressing in there. And then I noticed her white uniform coat. That screamed "DOCTOR!", just all over it. Makes sense. You are deffo' what you eat.

The photo here is not from the doctor in front of me earlier!! Haha! Surprise, surprise! These are my goods! I bought quite the healthy selection this time around. I decided to make some more healthy meals after the success of my bruschetta at home. It's not much, but definitely enough for myself this weekend!

I'll be making Tortilla soup, more bruschetta, some carrot dip for snacks, tomato salsa and some grilled chicken. Yum!

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