Saturday, January 22, 2011

Veggie Burgers, Anyone?

I started researching on high-fibre diets earlier this week and came up with a plan to bump up my daily fibre intake to 21 grams. I figured it's a good disciplinary action for me to take the high-fibre diet in prep. for my future half-marathon adventure. Yes, yes, yes! I am indeed planning to join my very first half-marathon sometime this year.

My mother acts as my personal physician in regards to this diet... but I just ended up helping her instead! She started eating most of the fibre snacks I got!!! I really needed a reliable source to help out, so I went for Mayo Clinic High-Fibre articles. I printed out the meal planner and made sure I had the basic ingredients I needed daily. I began the meal planning by reducing fat consumption and taking in a lot of fluids. I changed my daily meals from apples, raspberry almonds, corn, broccoli to veggie burgers (black beans and mushrooms) and chicken chili with kidney beans and tomatoes.

They're not so bad as I've instigated in my head for years and years. I've always thought, "High-fibre diet are for cows! High-fibre diet! Boo!"

I am just glad I've tried this. My digestion has never been this excellent since the day I learned how to eliminate. So that's technically NEVER. NEVER. Never 'til this week. Hehe. I also never did like beans! But beans are AWESOME! I realized that with the proper cooking, it can be such a tasty and healthy treat and replacement for the high-calorie meals. It excites me to start eating right during the day. I feel relaxed when I cook for myself, and even better when I've discovered something really good. It's also fun for me to drop by the grocery store and learn about these ingredients that I never really knew existed. For instance, LENTIL's!! what the F are lentils! Haha. That is actually my next target. 'Cause apparently lentils is an excellent source for fibre.

So... veggie burgers tonight! =)

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