Sunday, January 2, 2011


I do not know what has gotten into me but I suddenly got this huge desire to purchase Beanies!!!! I'm pretty sure it came with the rush that I got from watching travel shows. I have this dream of reaching the best outdoor adventures located in the Artic Circle and the Norwegian Border with tech sleds and probably some mountain biking. Hopefully I'll get to do all that within the years before my legs turn into jelly.

So I was on the hunt and came up with the BULA website. They've got about hundreds of beanies and hats to get you all warmed up. And they have more colors for every design which makes it just much sweeter.

It is a little funny because there's absolutely no purpose for me to wear a beanie hat in our fantastic tropical climate... I'm thinking I could own a couple and maybe use it on trips to Baguio or Tagaytay. But hey these BULA Products are innnnsanely adorable... I gotta have one... or two... or... OH HELP ME GOD.

First I may want to use an ocean colored earband for snowboarding. Just cause I want to cover the fact that I just WANT one and try to force it in my head that my ear piercing needs protection (LOL)...

I also love this sun colored trio beanie, it looks just as insane and happily BULA-LA'd like me. These are the first 2 things I picked, but as I went on, I realized that it may take a while to take a good pick... because I loved everything!

Check out their website and drool with Beanies!

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