Monday, March 14, 2011

"Who's ready to be all you can be?"

I did have some catching up with my favorite show, The Amazing Race, and came across the Road Block challenge that said, "Who's ready to be all you can be?"... and the animal in me was shrieking "ME!!! PHIL!!! MEEEE!!!"

That got me excited enough. Well that whole season got me really pumped that I started getting back to some proper weekly running! I've been consuming 30K every week and now I've been doin' some research and I've prepared a little schedule for training for 21K! Yes, I'll be training for a freakin' half-marathon!

I've been wondering how one runner would condition himself mentally with such a demanding and physically draining task... well, I never did find out. It's obviously different for everybody.

Soo... maybe I'll let you know? Haha.

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