Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life just sort of surprises you more often than you'll realize. One can either be living their lives daily in such a repetitive manner that they can easily miss out on those little surprises. Little gifts come to people every single day and not all of them are spotted. Some of these little gifts could happen only once and could just possibly never reappear ever again... but then again, the positive side of us would beg otherwise. The positive side of us knows there's something good everyday. The positive side of us can easily spot these carefully gift-wrapped parcels of kindled surprise. The positive side of us receives more surprises in life.

More surprises means more adventures. Lately, I've begged for it.... and it has come. It took me long enough to realize. All I had to do was to form a different perspective. I formed a different perspective and ALAS, some little new presents had been thrown my way.

It's like Christmas everyday. Haha!

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