Monday, November 5, 2012

A New Leaf Has Turned

Yep, this blog entry title cannot get any cheesier than that. This is just spot on as far as my idiom-brainbank is concerned. Almost four months since my last ridiculous blog entry and I don't know what made me come back here. I've completely abandoned this blog! This is supposed to be my home for my most recent film posts. Now I feel even more ashamed that the only film stuff I've done the past few months are just some instax and Polaroid shots. But as the year went it became a place to rant and place sap-filled messages that I can't even... whatever! I need to get to my point...

The fact that I went back to this blog and reacting this way only gave way to my cheesy blog title. Yes, a new leaf has definitely turned. I'm all better, and I feel great. That is all I practically wanted to say. I'm happy. :)

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