Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yoga for Runners

I have an old Yoga mat at home that has been unused since purchase... and this was back in '09! It has finally been put to the test this morning for a little runner's stretch. The videos I got, called 'Yoga for Runners' is designed for the leg muscles and to release tension around the shoulders. It includes the breathing technique for improved running time as well.

But I guess I've totally forgotten about how my mat would turn out because I was the one who has been definitely put the test. I began by trying out the easy 8 to 10 minute Yoga workouts for the ham strings. Then moved on to the 20 minute workout, which I could not finish at all! But my flexibility has improved a lot, definitely. With more sessions, I would be able to do this more comfortably.

I feel great! Really lookin' forward to be running again tomorrow! =)

Some sample Yoga for Runners can be found here:

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