Thursday, November 5, 2009


My room is a mess! A wicked mess, and I suppose by "wicked" I literally mean that a witch has indeed been staying in it for quite sometime.

So after drooling over IKEA catalogues I decided to spruce up for the li'l game room. I unbuckled the top cabinet doors, put away my sister's wedding gifts, took out the nasty old shelf and threw out all the nasty garbage.

I guess if I work on this room little-by-little, I could one day own the IKEA room of my dreams. The goal is to make it cozy without being cluttered, to be visually charming and comfortable. Now its quite daunting to revamp this small space. I usually begin tasks that I know would lead me to "quick results" and it's surely not gonna happen that way with this room. I'll settle goin' little-by-little and hopefully patience would push me to the very last day.

Now there are about a dozen things I'd like from IKEA but I've narrowed them to two. I'll fuse two of these "IKEA-deas" for my small space. I'm hoping to stick to the original blue colors and just splash 'em with some wild ones. My old shutter curtain has got to go!!!!!!

Wish me luck!!!

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